The Team



30 Farinella Associates 1.0 LLC is a team of three experienced and successful professionals who joined forces to acquire 30 Farinella Drive and develop the project. The team includes a real estate developer with over thirty years of experience in North Jersey on projects with a total market value in excess of a billion dollars, a prominent site work contractor who has completed some of the largest projects on the East Coast, and a savvy Wall Streeter who brings experience and knowledge of financial structures and engineering. An “A list” of consultants and contractors were added to the team to assure predictable outcomes with a high level of quality control including Langan Engineering, Sills Cummis & Gross P.C., Resource Realty of Northern New Jersey, the Dietz Partnership, and RC Anderson. The 30 Farinella Team will achieve the results our clients seek providing value for money and speed to market.



Founded by a group of veteran commercial real estate professionals in 1989, Resource Realty has provided unparalleled service to hundreds of businesses – from small companies to major corporations – by assigning a principal to each client. This unique approach ensures that every client benefits from our depth of market knowledge, our broad network of potential tenants and buyers, and the kind of expertise that comes only from decades of diverse commercial real estate experience. In today’s information age, market data is readily available to all real estate service firms. It is our ability to use it to create leverage for our clients that sets Resource Realty apart.